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What is a Pre-Purchase Safety Inspection?

A pre-purchase car inspection is highly recommended for anyone planning on purchasing a used car, especially if the car’s warranty is no longer valid or if you are buying it from another city or state.  Always start with a pre-purchase inspection to ensure your vehicle is in the condition you are expecting.

What prior repairs were done if any?

Any alterations or modifications?

What is the current condition?

Does it need any


Are there any current malfunctions?

Any signs of a prior collision?

      Don't buy a flooded car!      

One of the most important benefits of a pre-purchase vehicle inspection is that it helps identify any weaknesses the vehicle may have that may not easily be noticeable at first sight.  Sellers can also conduct this type of inspection before they list their vehicle for sale.  It will help the seller determine the "BEST" price for the value of their car. 

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