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Courtesy Travel Inspection

 This is a quick & fast visual inspection that we do at no charge.

  We check the following:


TIRE PRESSURE - check and inflate tires per vehicle specifications

UNDER THE HOOD FLUID LEVELS - to confirm adequate levels per vehicle specifications

VISUAL BRAKE INSPECTION - to ensure brakes are within safety standards

WINDSHIELD WIPERS - to ensure they are not torn, worn out and working

OUTSIDE LIGHT INSPECTION - to ensure all outside vehicle lights and bulbs are working

* *If your vehicle needs any fluids topped off, we will do so at a minimal cost to ensure your vehicle is safe!     As a courtesy inspection, this service does not include using a lift, doing any actual repairs or replacing any parts such as light bulbs, windshield wiper blades or tires.  If your vehicle is in need of service, repair or any parts replaced, your approval will be needed in advance and a repair order will be necessary.

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